Minecraft in the Classroom

This page serves as a hub for different offerings I've made to the community of teachers using Minecraft in their classroom. If you have questions about using Minecraft for education, your first stop should definitely be the Minecraft Teachers Google Group.

Skype in the Classroom video

In December 2014, I was given the tremendous opportunity to host a Skype call with Minecraft developer Jens "Jeb" Bergensten with a group of lucky students. The call took place during Computer Science Education Week and made for an amazing kickoff to the Hour of Code. Students prepared questions ahead of time about Minecraft with a computer science focus. You can read all about it on Skype's Big Blog or check out the professionally shot video below.

Featured Educator Article

In November 2014, I was selected as MinecraftEdu's featured educator. I invite you to read the article I wrote which details how I use the game in class.

Michael Harvey - MinecraftEdu Featured Educator - November 2014

MinecraftEdu Worlds

These worlds require MinecraftEdu to work properly.

The Land of Turtles

Explore programming and computer science concepts with many hours of puzzles and activities using ComputerCraftEdu! This map has been used with students ages 9 through adult!

Lesson Plans

Youtube Playlist

Pixel Art Coding

Pixel Art Coding is a computer science lesson. Together, students will invent a their own programming language and use it to encode and decode pixel art.

Number Sentence Challenge

Two teams collect number and symbol blocks to build number sentences in this scavenger hunt tutorial world.

Water Challenge Remix

This is a heavy update I made to the Water Challenge map that features 4 identical team areas, scoreboard use, NPCs for acquiring bone meal by trade, and a full farming tutorial activity for new players.